Wellness Non-Binding Socks


  • Arch support
  • Sweat- Wicking
  • Seamless Toe Stitch

Suitable for: 

Diabetics | Elderly | Pedal Edema | Swelling Feet


Diabetic have sweating function issues on feet that increases the rubbing between feet and shoes, which will cause blisters or ulceration and even infections on feet.

Diabetic foot infections are caused by a variety of bacteria, averagely around 2-5 bacteria that includes Aerobic bacterium and Anaerobic bacterium.  

The socks are designed with specific features in mind to address the pain points faced by diabetic patients.


  1. RELAXED FIT  / Non binding cuff
    • The cuff will not obstruct the blood circulation and leave no marks on the leg. 
  2. MESH STITCHING  / Sweat Wicking 
    • Breathable mesh design can wicks moisture away from your skin to ensure you feel fresh and comfortable 
  3. ENHANCE COMFORT  / Whole Sole Cushion 
    • Our diabetic sock has extra padding that runs along the bottom of the sock, toes, heels, and ankle.
  4. PERFECT FIT  / Arch Support
    • Special knitting technique on the arch. Added support through the arch is vital to avoid chronic heel pain and arch pain.
  5. UNMATCHED COMFORT  / Seamless Toe
    • Our seamless toe is woven in a special way to prevent frictions from generating around your toes.


  • 80.9% Acrylic 
  • 12% Nylon 
  • 4.9% Polyester
  • 2.2% Spandex

23-25 cm, 25-27 cm


White, Black


Mid-Calf Socks, Above Ankle Socks


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