Skin Care

Purifying Cleanser

Cleanse, Purify, Balance and Brighten skin



Cleanse, purify, balance and brighten skin. Remove the dead and unhealthy skin cell build on outer skin and nourish skin with amino acids.



Squeeze a small amount of purifying cleanser in your palm, add a few drops of water and use circular motion till foam formed. Apply foam over damp face and massage gently and thoroughly. Rinse your face with clear water.

Hydro Balancing Essence



To hydrate, balance and soothe skin,  conditioning skin to best absorb the full benefits of the skincare products in the series that follow.


After proper cleansing skin with Lueur No 1, apply an appropriate amount of Lueur No. 2 onto face and neck evenly, pressing gently until fully absorbed.

Lightening & Brightening Serum



Lueur lightening serum is clinically proven to lighten dark sports. Keep a daily regimen of using this serum towards a brighter, even and younger-looking complexion.


Properly cleanse and hydrate skin. Next, apply an appropriate amount of serum on the face, spread and massage gently on dark spots or uneven skin tone areas. 

Use twice daily for the best result.

淡斑 。抗老。修复凹凸。平衡肤质色素

Anti-aging & Firming Cream 



LUEUR Firming Cream is made of natural plant extract that firms skin thus delaying skin ageing. It revitalizes our skin, smooths fine lines and recovers skin elasticity and astringency making our skin glow.


Properly cleanse and hydrate skin. Apply an appropriate amount of the LUEUR Firming Cream onto our face and neck area. Gently massage evenly for the entire face. from the centre of the face towards ears and on upward strokes. It helps restore skin’s firmness with a springy effect as well as visibly reduce uneven scar marks and wrinkle lines. Use twice daily for the best result.

Aqua Hydrating Moisturiser

Volume: 50g


The LUEUR natural extracts and essences moisturise skin from within, provide intensive hydrating and visible radiance that last 24-hours. It restores complexion with evenness, radiance and smoothes fine wrinkle line.   

For all skin types


Apply an appropriate amount to the face and neck. Use finger to gently spread all over the face, smoothly and evenly with a gently pressing motion to confirm full adsorption. For best result, highly recommended using day and night.