Founders Profile

The Team

Dr. Prof Kuo

General Manager

Fion Tan


Founder’s Background

Our research team from the TOP notched Biotechnology and through Prof Kuo Kou-Wha’s patented close to 50 countries Biotechnology. His belief that all conditions and its remedy can be found from natural plant and herbal solution.

With his biochemistry and molecular Science background, he can remove the impurities (e.g heavy metal in herb and plant) and enhance through Nano technology in absorption rate. Most important is all ingredient is plant-based.

Prof Kuo teaches for 23 years in Medical University and 6 years understudies in the USA as Assistant Prof and Post doctor allows him to develop his Botanic Drug path today.

Director’s Background

Holistic wellness is comprised from various building blocks. From Diet and nutrition, Mental health, Environment (Water, Air) and Physical like Exercise is very important.

A true and natural product is never easy to come by.

All my Engineering experiences in years assessing supplier quality and working with Healthcare customer enriched me in many areas lead me to forward biotechnology that can collaborate and come into preventive health.

How it started

The first G&E Herbal Biotechnology Plant was established in 2002. His 2nd PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention/ Co-operation Scheme) plant is getting ready to serve his path to hospital & clinic.

Prevention Advise

Prof Kuo strong aware prevention and daily health maintenance using a whole food can help everybody, tissue and cell level.

He is extremely proud to develop Hepanamin, the botanic liver food series, which owes the world No. 1 highest bioavailability rate. Statistic has shown Asian trend has rising trend and growing faster of having liver issues and fatigue due to our busy staying up late lifestyle.

Botanical Innovation

Prof Kuo has developed a Botanic skincare ingredient that owns a worldwide patent for anti-ageing and anti-inflammation.

He breakthrough his innovative technology to develop his botanic series with no preservative. Its deep permeation revitalizes and restore skin condition. We must upkeep our skin as it is the largest organ.


Kou-Wha Kuo, Ph.D.

Main Academic Educations

Kaohsiung Medical University, Medical Institute of Biochemistry, Ph.D 

Kaohsiung Medical University, Tropical Medicine Research Institute, M.S (Major in Biochemistry.

Kaohsiung Medical University, School of Pharmacy, B.S (Major in Pharmacy)    

Experiences and Specialties

General manager   G&E Herbal Biotechnology Co., Ltd, Tainan, Taiwan

Executive chairman   G&E Research Center of Herbal Medicines, Tainan, Taiwan

Vice Chairman   Taiwan Biotechnology Industry Alliance Association, Taiwan

Professor   Kaohsiung Medical University, Department of Biochemistry, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 

Associate Professor   Kaohsiung Medical University, Department of Biochemistry, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Visiting Assistant Professor   University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA  

Post-doctor   Tulane University Medical School, Department of Molecular Pathology, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 


2009 Dept. Economy (Taiwan)|Industrial Innovative Technology Award |Innovative Technology for Cancer Treatment

2010 Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry |National Safety and Quality (SNQ) Award

2010 Executive Yuan (Taiwan)|Biomedicine and Bio-Agriculture Award|Biomedicine Gold medal

2010 Taipei Government (Taiwan)|Taipei Biotechnology Award|Innovative Research Gold medal

2011 Dept. Economy (Taiwan)| Intellectual Property Bureau|National Invention Gold medal

2011 Dept. Economy (Taiwan)|Technology and Know-How Award |Innovative Achievement Award

2011 Dept. Health (Taiwan)|Pharmaceutical Technology Development Gold medal