GOJI Berries

SUPERFOOD for the Eyes

Clear scientific pharmacological evidence (more than 1000)

Retina and Optic Nerve Protections (retina pigment, dry eyes, glaucoma, AMD)

Goji Ingredient

Lyscium Barbarum Polysaccharide extract, anthocyanin, Solunum Undatum, corn starch, vegetarian capsule.

Use : Twice a day; 2 capsules morning and night after meal

Herbal Extract

Clear scientific pharmacological evidences (more than 1000)

Retina and optic never protections (retina pigment, dry eyes,

glaucoma, AMD) Neuroprotection Anti-oxident effect

Immune Regulation Hypoglycemia, Reproduction

System Protection Liver Protection Anti-aging effect

Anti-chronic fatigue Improving Alzheimer’s disease

What are the benefits of GOJI Berries?


Anti-oxidant Effect

Immune Regulation


Reproductive System Protection

Liver Protection

Anti-aging effect

Anti-chronic fatigue 

Improving Alzheimer’s disease

Why develop Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides

• Screen light of computer and mobile phone will cause eyesight injuries.
• Optic nerves are susceptible to light and can detect the faintest light in the dark. As it’s the most sensitive, it’s also the most vulnerable to light.
• Lutein products are readily available in the market. However. it does not show much scientific evidence on the retina and optic nerves.
• LBPs is a good ingredient that has a lot more scientifiic evidence that benefits the eyes.