About Us

Care Bio Singapore

The Company

Care Bio is established to care and bring awareness to enhance life and wellness. Despite our busy work life balanced lifestyle, we want to bring Radiance of Life to each and every.

We believe the breakthrough in Biotechnology advancement with natural ingredients brings quality food which beneficial to human.We trust the superiority and performance proven products with leading cutting-edge technology and global patent rights.

Our stringent research team target solutions and develop products that deliver results. The food and skin series we offer focus on the importance three ”R”s – Rejuvenate, Revitalise and Restore.

We provide daily importance to upkeep Liver, Eye and Skin.

From interior to exterior maintenance, Care Bio brings back radiance of life to every individual. Liver and eye health is very important. We must maintain our largest detox organ. It does more than 500 vital functions.

A healthy liver will strengthen a person immunity and even helps minimise adverse effect from long term drugs, chemical and alcohol.

Our LUEUR Eye health food focus on retina protection. Today, our work life pivoting into digital immigration is so intensive. All lights damage retina and thus it is important to maintain our eyes which the only pair of vision to the world.

But first, maintenance

Our loyal consumers love our skincare as it is gentle and natural. You finally find a right skincare to maintain your skin. Many friends cannot tell your age when you use LUEUR. You can call LUEUR is non-surgical skincare for a YOUNGER you!

Sensitive skin? No problem

Many Asia consumers who have eczema, more sensitive or allergy skin issue, LUEUR is your the best choice to maintain healthy and hydrating skin.  LUEUR is a brand that not just Women love, Men too!