The results of taking in Hepanamin( Liver Care) for 1-2 months with Liver Issues

Could you describe more about your issue before visiting CareBio? Why have you decided to take this visit?

I had undergone oral chemo for 6 months and Pet scans that make my liver have inflammation. I have taken a few liver protection and liver supplement from famous brands such as Legalon, Heptral, Essential during the 7 months but still my liver inflammation getting bad. My eyes also become dry and affecting me to see the computer screen, handphone, watch TV. Then I need to stop the oral chemo due to liver inflammation. During that time, I heard about Care Bio Asia Hepanamin. After consulting my oncologist doctor, he said that some products have better technology make the absorption better and can try. Then I take up the Hepanamin for a month from the end of May 2021.

What was the difference you saw? Could you describe the effects of which the products have helped? What has improved?

My Liver inflammation getting lesser, show in my blood result after a month of taking Hepanamin. My dry eyes get improved. I felt sleepy in the initial stage of eating Hepanamin. But the condition getting better day by day.

I would like to thanks that to have another better option of liver protection product Hepanamin than Legalon. Of course, I still taking Heptral as another liver product as it has different ingredients. And I have to keep exercise daily, sleep before 11 pm, minimum frying/oily food, mediation to keep up the good energy and emotion.

Yun Ang Li
30/06/2021 08:57:14

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