Skin recovers after eating Hepanamin around 3 months

I’ve been going for Facial and using CareBio products for the past 2 years now and am I loving everything about it. Not only has my skin improved because of the cleanser and hydro essence that I have so diligently been using considering my track of being not consistent but because the results are instant I became so disciplined.

I also decided to invest in Hepanamin for my liver because I was feeling very lethargic and felt something was not right. I was even worried of having Thyroid but after taking it for about 2 months, I started feeling great and the symptoms that made me feel I had thyroid just went away. I feel great now and will not stop Hepanamin ever. We only live once and we all know how taking care of our liver is vital.

Since we work so hard in life, let’s all take that first step to pamper ourselves and take that first big step to give back to our skin and health because we are worth it!

Oh between, my facial time at CAREBIO is what I look forward to every month because I really get such a fantastic time enjoying the face massage along with all the excellent products😍

And of course the boss, Fion is an awesome person inside out. She is so sincere, caring and committed to all her customers and she has become a very very good friend of mine.


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