High Triglycerides cured with Hepanamin

Swee Leng, Age 60

I am told by my doctor to start medication for high cholesterol and high triglycerides in last Nov.  Within a short period of 3 days, I experienced severe joint pain and full body aching. Then, doctor told me to stop,  suspect I have side effect. At the same time, I started Hepanamin to protect my liver through a friend’s recommendation. My Liver reading, AST also a bit high at 38.  As I worried if I were to take long term medication, it is best to protect my liver.  With the effect I have experienced before, I am a bit reluctant to start though my doctor has prescribed me another medicine.  I decided to try Hepanamin with my proper exercise plan daily and do a retest in 1 month time.  True enough, I am thankful both readings came down and doctor encouraged me to keep whatever I am doing.  I know Hepanamin is the one as I have been working hard through exercise for since the past months.  Nothing much had changed.  I am thankful I got to know CareBio.  

LDL from 7.59 to 5.59  mmol/L                             [ desire range < 5.2]

Triglycerides from 3.12 mmol/L to 1.29            [Optimal < 1.7]

Liver AST drop from 38 to 23                                [ desire range 10 – 30]

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