Fatty liver condition improved in 4 months

Mr Kang, age 45
Fatty liver condition improved
Product: Hepanamin

I had fatty liver for around two years.  Since then, I started correcting my lifestyle by incurring exercise and cut down in entertainment in unhealthy food and less drinking.  I do know milk thistle food supplement can strengthen in liver detox function and protect liver.  I have taken other brands of milk thistle and it really did not help much in each review.  It is like maintain.  Until a close friend introduced me Hepanamin last year,  I decided to give a try.   Surprisingly, in my next review four months later, my liver reading  shown improvement (see below).  I am glad to know Hepanamin and will continue it as my daily maintenance as my busy work schedule is always overstress myself and not having sufficient sleep. 

ALT/sGPT  54 drop to 23

GGT   261 drop to 161 

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