LDL cholesterol drop results

Joanna, 50

In Nov 2014, I went for body check-up and found my LDL to be 156mg/dl which is borderline high and doctor advised me to watch my diet, if not I will have to take western medication.

My sister introduced me to G&E food supplements. After 3 months of taking Prof Kuo’s  products, my LDL dropped to 130. I continue to take the products to-date and my latest blood test done in Mar 2018, it has dropped to 97.45mg/dl.

In the same check up, I found another health issue, which is my pancreatic tumor marker reading was higher than normal. A healthy person’s reading would be less than 39U/ml, but mine was 53.26U/ml. The products helped me to reduce my pancreatic tumor marker level to 23.9U/ml as confirmed by a subsequent blood test done at SGH on 25th Feb 2015.

Another condition I have was swelling in my lower limbs (pedal edema), a condition I had for 3-4 years. I consulted both Chinese TCM as well Western doctor and was told mine was not a serious problem. They recommended elevating my feet when sleeping at night or go for foot massage. I followed the doctors’ advice, but the condition did not improve and condition remained.

I am someone who drinks less than 8 liters of water a day and so does not visit the toilet often. Surprisingly, despite that my habit of drinking water remains the same, the number of toilet breaks I take have increased, and as a result, the swelling in my lower limbs (pedal edema) has improved.

Products Used: Hepanamin and G&E food supplements series

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