Eye issues Dark Spots cure

Ade, 50s

One day in Mar of 2018, during a sports event,  all of a sudden from my left eye, I saw a few dark spots that were affecting my vision. I tried rubbing my eyes, but the spots did not go away. Realised the spots are floaters in the eye, but I had not known they could appear so big, almost like bean-size. While waiting for an appointment at the Eye Centre for a detailed eye check, the GP doctor advised that should I experience many dark spots, I should go to A&E immediately. There is no remedy for floaters. I was given eye drops as lubricant for the eyes.

A Friend encouraged me to take GOJI Herbal Eye Care products. I took it 3 times a day initially. After 2 days the spots became significantly smaller in size. After about 3 weeks, the floaters size became much smaller than when they appeared initially.

Products Used: GOJI Eye Care

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