The ugly mark

It has become a permanent feature on my outer left side of my face just beneath the eye around 2016. I detest it greatly at early morn till nite hours especially when l have to attend many meetings or events with School Principals, Art Friends and some very important personnel since l am fairly active in some community work for the past 18 years.

The changes before and after

Sometime in 2017, l vented my uneventful face mark which has formed a dark ring by then to Fion who is a buddy friend and has a wellness business LUEUR specialising in anti-inflammation and anti-Aging. It is a mere converse but it is a turn around in my life. I listened to her explanation to take things slowly and applied the LUEUR products: hydrating essence and brightening serum of bio-botanical origin under her distributorship. 

To me, there is nothing to hang onto as my own skincare products of 15 years from France has no effect on my mark anymore. Of course, my own belief in facials and food diet does play a part in this amazing recovery process. Finally, by early 2020, there was an extraordinary happening, the mark ring was hardly visible and to me ; it is a miracle. I got to be thankful to Fion’s products and God’s grace on me. Until today, l still cannot believe that the mark is no longer there. But l do believe that bio- botanical products have the essential healing properties to make our skin healthier and age gracefully with elegance.

My humble sharing for this exceptional uplifting face dark spots/marks experience with pride and joy.

Care regards from Mrs Jenny Tan

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