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Hepanamin for Liver Maintenance

Everyone should take Hepanamin® as much as possible, especially if they are people :

a) Who lives in dietary polluted environments.
b) Who has liver inflammation or cirrhosis caused by fatty liver, Hepatitis B or C virus, and bile secretion deficiency.
c) Who is suffering from immunological disorder and autoimmune diseases, e.g. rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erthematosus.
d) Who is on long-term taking medication e.g. diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, etc.
e) Who is prone to tiredness, poor sleep, cholecystitis, gallstones, pancreatitis and blurry vision.
f) Who are cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.
g) Who is losing control of blood sugar and needs pancreatic functionality improvement.
h) who has progressive loss of kidney function and long-term renal dialysis.
i) Who regularly stays up late, with alcohol drinking and hangover symptoms.

The active ingredient of Hepanamin® is Silymarin. Overview of available toxicological data regarding the Silymarin (Der Marderosian, 2001).

Silymarin has proved non-toxic in mice, rats, and dogs after oral doses of 2,500 or 5,000mg/kg. In a 12-month study, rats receiving Silymarin doses of 50, 500, and 2,500mg/kg showed no evidence of toxicity after urine analysis and post-mortem studies. Similar results were obtained for dogs, with no evidence of ante-postnatal toxicity in animals being reported.

Silymarin did not affect fertility in rats, Dunnick et al. (2011). In repeated dose toxicity during a 2-year feed study, groups of 50 male and 50 female F344/N rats were fed milk thistle extract (equivalent to average daily doses of approximately 570, 1,180, or 2,520mg/kg to males ; and 630, 1,300, or 2,750mg/kg to females) for 105 to 106 weeks. Significantly decreased incidences of mammary gland fibroadenoma, adenoma, or carcinoma (combined) occurred in females exposed to 1,300 or 2,750mg/kg. Signifcantly increased incidences of clear cell and mix cell focus of the liver occurred in 1,300 or 2,750mg/kg females.

The incidences of bile duct hyperplasia were significantly decreased in 2,520mg/kg males and in all exposed groups of females while the incidence of mixed inflammatory cell infiltration was significantly decreased in 2,520mg/kg males.

A healthy liver always helps skin conditions.

There is no early sign of an overworked liver. The symptoms and disorder of liver indexes are long-term cumulative symptoms.

A healthy person always needs to pay attention to the protection of the liver, because the liver is the largest metabolic organ, and the only detoxifying organ in the human body. Many metabolic diseases such as immuno-disorder, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, etc. are related to liver function. Thus, Hepanamin is needed to maintain the normal function of the liver every day, just as equipment needs continuous maintenance for optimum function.

The active ingredient of Hepanamin is Silymarin. There have been many studies to show that Silymarin protects liver cells from transmission of Hepatitis B or C virus between liver cells. At the same time, liver is the active immune organ in the body, and can actively filter the bacteria or virus in the blood. Therefore, long-term use of Hepanamn is helpful for maintaining the health of people with Hepatitis B or C virus.

Analysis of human physiological function : 

Kidneys are organs excreted for water-soluble waste after live detoxification. Hence, a strong liver detoxification will not let residual poison damage kidney cells. Kidney dialysis is required because of the gradual loss of kidney function due to long-term damage to kidney cells. Therefore, patients undergoing kidney dialysis need to maintain normal liver functions, in order to avoid continual damage to the kidneys.